OWTNM 2018 XXVI International Workshop on Optical Wave & Waveguide Theory and Numerical Modelling
Bad Sassendorf, Germany, April 13 – 14, 2018


Venue OWTNM 2018, impressions

Bad Sassendorf in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is located roughly midway bewteen Dortmund or Hagen, and Paderborn. The prefix "Bad" indicates a spa town. Since the 10th century, Sassendorf is noted for its salt springs.

The workshop will be held on the premises of the (converted) farmstead Hof Haulle, with the former barn serving as our lecture hall. Another building now houses the museum Westfälische Salzwelten. Participants are invited to join us for the welcome reception on Thursday evening in the rooms of the museum.

Venue OWTNM 2018, impressionsVenue OWTNM 2018, impressionsVenue OWTNM 2018, impressionsVenue OWTNM 2018, impressionsVenue OWTNM 2018, impressions
Hof Hueck, Bad Sassendorf

Conference dinner

All OWTNM-participants are cordially invited to the restaurant of the hotel Hof Hueck on Friday evening, April 13. The historical half-timbered house is located in the southern part of the spa gardens of Bad Sassendorf.

Workshop coordinates

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Travel guidelines

The workshop venue is conveniently accessible by public as well as by private transport. The railway station, Hof Haulle, and several recommended hotels in Bad Sassendorf are all located within walking distance.


By train, you'll probably travel via the main station (Hauptbahnhof, Hbf) of either Soest, Hamm, Paderborn, or Münster. Bad Sassendorf is connected to any of these by regular half-hourly direct regional trains (eurobahn). Travel times vary between approximately 3 min (Soest), 19 min (Hamm), 30 min (Paderborn), and 55 min (Münster). Tickets for these regional trains can be obtained from vending machines in the carriages. Further resources:


By car

Navigate to the address "Am Haullenbach 1" in Bad Sassendorf. Follow signs to the museum "Westfälische Salzwelten". A large free parking area is available close to the workshop venue.


In the lecture hall and reception area, free WIFI access will be available to the workshop participants.


The climate in April in NRW/OWL is usually predictably unpredictable with averaged minimum and maximum temperatures of 2.9°C and 12.7°C.